Looking for a high profile, low cost outdoor marketing solution? 


Advertising on temporary fencing at high profile building sites may just be the advertising product you are looking for! If your business is involved in the home and building industry - then advertising on temporary fences is could be a successful advertising product for you!

From as little as $25.00+gst per banner per week, this is a low cost, yet very effective advertising



Fence Banner

Send us your banner

design (if you don’t have a

design we can help)

Site List

We install your banners. Each month you will be sent an updated site list for maximum exposure

Best Budget Fencing

Let us know the number of banners or we can work this out from your budget

Banner Cleaning

We keep your banners clean and move sites when required

Adfence Location

Choose a location from our site list

Banner Display Invoiced

Invoiced monthly in arrears so you only pay for your banners on display