Free Temporary Fence Hire

Keen to save some money on your building project?

If your building site is on a busy road or street we may be able to supply free temporary fencing to your site.

We manage and erect building site advertising signs for a number of clients involved in the home and building industry. This enables us to offer free temporary fence hire to builders, developer and landowners whose sites are at high profile locations.

There are some conditions;

1. The site must be on a busy road or street.
2. The amount of free fencing supplied at any one site along the street front, is 50 lineal metres. A portion of additional fencing above 50m will be FOC and a discount hire rate may be offered on the rest.
3. We allow the builder to erect their sign on the fence, but all other site signage is managed by Adfence.

For more information, or to see if we can offer you free temporary fence hire phone any of our branches and tell us the location of your building site and how many meters you require.